Care Partnership Plan (CPP)

◆ The CPP is to provide fee reduction for professional assessment, training or counselling services to children or adolescents from families of “Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA).

1: People of CSSA are welcome to fill in the "Care Partnership Plan" application form online.

Online Form

2: Applicants need to submit the "Care Partnership Plan" application form, and also the document proof of CSSA.

◆ Submission method: please use email or mail to submit documents to the address of Positive Life Association Limited (PLA) as follows:

▹ PLA Email address:
▹ PLA Address: Flat A, 17th Floor, North Cape Commercial Building, 388 King's Road, North Point, Hong Kong

3:After verifying the particulars, PLA will notify the applicant about deduction limits for professional services Fees, the appointment date and time for the professional service.

▹ The applicant needs to be punctual for the appointment, if not, the application for the professional service will be deemed to be withdrawn.

4:If the applicant would like to change or cancel the appointment, he/she must notify PLA at least two working days in advance by phone (852) 2882 2207 or by WhatsApp (852) 6323 0275.