Care Partnership Plan

◆ Providing reduced fee professional assessment, training and counselling services for children and adolescents from low-income families.

Household monthly income limit for applicants:

(The income ceiling is determined by reference to the 75% of the median monthly household income in Hong Kong in the fourth quarter of the 2020 General Household Survey Report published by the Census and Statistics Department in March 2021.)

Number of Household Members Household Monthly Income Limit (HK$)
1 9,400
2 18,900
3 30,000
4 40,500
5 52,100
6 or above 60,800

After verifying the particulars, PLA will notify the applicant of the amount of fee reduction and the appointment date for assessment. Applicants are requested to attend the appointment on time, failing which the application will be deemed withdrawn.

Should the applicant wish to change or cancel an appointment, he / she must notify PLA at least two working days in advance.

◆ Parents in need are welcome to fill in the "Care Partnership Plan" application form online.

When submitting the "Care Partnership Plan" application form, the parents must also submit the proof to show that they are currently in receipt of Comprehensive Social Security Assistance or their children’s School Textbook Assistance (TA) Scheme and mail or email the documents to the following address of Positive Life Association Limited (PLA)


PLA Address: Flat A, 17th Floor, North Cape Commercial Building, 388 King's Road, North Point, Hong Kong

PLA Email address: