The Centre offers the following three types of professional assessment:

1. Integrated Assessment: Includes assessment of intelligence, attention span, learning ability, interpersonal relationships, emotions, etc.

2. Intelligence Assessment: Assesses intelligence using the Universal Nonverbal Intelligence Test

3. Learning and Thinking Assessment: Includes assessment of learning patterns, learning abilities and learning methods


To determine the cognitive and psychological status of children and adolescents, at the same time exploring their "potentials" and "strengths" and identifying different kinds of learning disabilities, such as:

◆ Ineffective Executive Functions

◆ Dyslexia

◆ Attention Deficit

◆ Delay in Sensory Integration

◆ Speech and Language Delay

◆ Delay in Gross and Fine Motor Development

◆ Emotional Disturb

◆ Social and Communication Impairment

◆ Oppositional Learning Behaviour

Procedures of Professional Assessment:



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