Meaning of "Positive Life"

The concept of Positive Life originated from Dr. Jane Nam, the founder of Positive Life Association Ltd..

Jane Nam herself received positive education and nurturing from her family. After becoming a Christian in junior secondary school, she came to know that Christianity is to give people an abundant life. When she pursued her university education in USA and her doctoral degree at the University of Hong Kong, she focused her studies in pedagogy and psychology, and established three interrelated "positive" elements in "Positive Life":

Positive Thought, Positive Emotion and Positive Behaviour.These three positive elements are interactive, interrelated and can steer to positive growth in life, with thought affecting emotional and behavioural responses, and emotion affecting thought and behaviour, as shown in the following figure:

Three-in-one interaction and close connection of positive emotion, positive thinking and positive behavior

Positive emotions and positive thinking are interactive and can produce positive behaviours, such as

- expressing love and joy in interpersonal relationships

- using constructive thought to help people be excel themselves

- employing a win-win approach to benefit both others and themselves

- acquiring self-development and openings and opportunities for improvement

- maintaining good interpersonal relationships

- utilizing progressive thinking to solve problems and overcome difficulties

[Reference: Dr. Jane Nam’s book in Chinese, 藍容:《有情有理管與教:正向生命成長》(香港:正向生命教育,2011) 頁2-3]